The Worst Oxymoron Couple: Phaedra Parks the Attorney and Apollo Nida the Criminal


The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Attorney Phaedra Parks like may professional women, jeopardize their entire careers and good reputations for a man who can end it all. She wanted a fine man, and that’s all Apollo Nida was, on the outside! He had no integrity and a very questionable character! He had been in the criminal system since age 17 and most of his adult life! He is now headed back to jail!

As a woman with many prestigious degrees, I would not risk my education, career, money, or reputation for ex-con, like Apollo Nida, who has never been a productive member of society! I am certain there have been many decent men in the various environments, Phaedra Parks have circled! Instead, she settled on a man with an entire adult life of crime. She took a chance on such a loser, only to have to return him back to the prison in which she found him.

Phaedra Parks is an Attorney who is supposed to exhibit a higher standard of the law than the normal everyday person. I personally think it should be illegal for an attorney to marry a convicted felon, since it almost seems like a conflict of interest! What client would trust her with their most precious assets, including their identity? I would also question her decision making process.

Not all ex-cons are bad people, since everyone makes mistakes. Many former convicted felons have rehabilitated themselves and became very productive members of society.

Judge Gregory Mathis is a superior example, who continues to share his experiences with others. He teaches other ex-felons how to overcome mistakes made in the past, with the criminal justice system. He went on to become one of the youngest Judges in history!

Phaedra Parks looked past Apollo Nida’s criminal background because she was in love with the image of a man and his looks! She also believed in giving second chances. Second chances are earned, and that is why he took it for granted! He picked up exactly where he left off, criminal activity! She did not take the time to get to know this man, and determine if he even deserved a second chance. She started planning a huge wedding before she knew what and who she was marrying. She also allowed herself to become pregnant, before the wedding, to cement the deal! In her mind, she had landed the finest man on earth, on the outside.

Sometimes giving second chances in certain situations are not worth it, especially if this could ruin who you are, including your integrity, career, future, finances, and most of all, your reputation! Phaedra became stuck on Apollo Nida’s looks and mixed race background! She looked past everything in his background, and every man passing through her life, and chose him! She never fails to mentioned how fine his looks are, every chance she gets. Those same looks has caused him to become disrespectful of her, with accusations of infidelity, strip clubs, tweets, hotel stays, and even her own cast-mate, Kenya Moore! He figured if a high-powered Attorney would marry him without question, he could have anyone he wants!

That’s what users do to you, after you pick them up off the ground and clean them off! They start smelling themselves and believing they’re too good for you! He was never on Phaedra’s level and now has taken a harder fall, with the FEDS, and possibly taking Phaedra down with him! How tragic for Phaedra and their two sons.

Phaedra also believed that because his crime was a white-collar crime, that equated with his white mixed race, and pushed him up the ladder from other, “real criminals”. The “Great White Hope,” is what she gave up everything for! If he had been a dark-skinned Black man with robbery charges, would she had chosen him? No, because she felt that his white-collar crime of stealing cars, or let’s put it in a, “classy way,” a car theft ring, is not a violent crime! I have been a victim of a car theft ring! It is a lot more predatory than someone just jumping in your car and stealing it!

When I purchased an expensive brand new truck, it was stolen within the first three months! Although my insurance company paid for my car’s value, I still took almost a $10,000 loss! When the detectives later informed me they recovered, but then used my car to bust a car theft ring operation, I was shocked! They informed me that the keys for my truck had been cut months ago, and wondered why it took so long for them to steal it. They had been watching me for three months to steal my truck, but I started driving my van to work again. The one day I decided to drive the new truck to work and park it in the parking garage, they stole it! So I was creeped out knowing that I had been watched for so long. I wondered how much more information did these people know about me?

So I was no less a victim than if someone had pulled me out my car and stole it! It is still theft, stealing, and robbery! It’s just a more sophisticated method, but yields the same pain to it’s victims, if not more! This was a lot more cunning to me. White-collar criminals prey on their victims and they are con artist, without a conscious!

So why would Phaedra Parks, a representative of the law, and the Georgia Bar Association, marry someone involved in any type of criminal activity? She was so stuck on his looks, his skin-color, his body type. She thought she could just dress him up and put him in Phaedra’s perfect world! She further put this con artist on a very popular television show! He had the looks, and we as society accepted him as well! Even her cast-mate Kenya Moore, whose is a former Miss USA, wants him as her own husband, while she considers herself above all the women on the show! They are fighting over a light-skinned ex-con!!! How disgusting!

Phaedra may have also lost the trust of many of her clients since they knew their most trusted information could end up in the hands of a criminal! These high-profile clients were correct to have concerns. Although, Phaedra gave Apollo a brand new million dollar start, he picked up exactly where he left off, crime!

I do not even know Apollo personally, but I do not like his arrogant self-entitled personality! He acts like the world owes him, and he disrespects Phaedra, on television! The bastard cannot even hold it together until the cameras stop rolling! I would have kicked him to the curve a long time ago.

Phaedra received the good genes she wanted for her babies, now she needs to close shop and cut her losses! If the FEDS are not after her, then she needs to haul ass!

I pray that he was so sneaky, that he hid these criminal activities from her! I do not believe he ever told her the truth about his real job. Cons artist are just that, cons. They lie, cheat, steal, from everyone! At least she was smart enough to have a prenup in place!

I really like Phaedra Parks, but I believe she was somewhat naive to believe an ex-con would not ruin her reputation! She wanted to dress him up and parade him around as someone on her level! He wasn’t! He was a trophy husband trying to cheat the system and become a millionaire as fast and easy as possible! Someone should have told Phaedra she would meet a decent man in college, law school, or the court room! I patiently waited and obtained my B.S., M.S., and PHD, and a decent husband along the way! The world is filled with many decent men with engineering, law, and other degrees, as well as other great jobs!

Men who are ex-cons can become decent men to date and marry. You just have to give them the chance to rehabilitate themselves and make sure they have chosen to walk a straight line. They are given second chances and many take that chance to turn their lives around. She needed to see if Apollo had taken advantage of his own second chance. Instead, she married him without knowing much about his true intentions regarding his own future.

I don’t know where her sisters, girlfriends, and preacher parents, were, when Phaedra decided to marry Apollo! I am sure he conned her in many ways! Why was he so eager to get married? Was it beause he felt that he hit the jackpot? He saw money. He saw a mansion. He saw a beautiful, nice, smart Attorney who would protect him from the criminal justice system! The main thing he saw was desperation, because he knew he was not on Phaedra’s level, in no shape, form, or fashion!

We all make mistakes! I think if Phaedra helps him with his defense, she does not need to lose another dime on Apollo. Make sure he takes a plea deal to protect you from the embarrassment he has already put you through! Please accept your contract on the Atlanta housewives, and continue building your empire. Please make amends with the people who you hurt with such a reckless decision. Also forgive yourself for the mistakes made, along with the disregard for your God given talents.

Phaedra Parks is not only a successful attorney, she is also a Best Seller of fitness videos! She also continued her studies as a full-time student and received another degree in Mortuary Science, being dubbed the “Vera Wang” of funerals. She also recently completed her book, a no-nonsense guide to, “Life Secrets of a Southern Belle,” in November 2013. Phaedra has also received her own new spin-off Bravo TV show called, “Rich Peoples Problems”, to be centered around her law practice as an Attorney, while focusing on conflicts between wealthy clients.

Phaedra’s new reality spin-off show has been put on hold, while Bravo awaits the fate of Apollo’s federal charges! Therefore, as one can easily see how much she can possibly jeopardized, for a man, who is still involved in criminal activities!

Apollo disrespected Phaedra and took advantage of her kindness for weakness! There are women dating back to the beginning of time, who have made mistakes in choosing the wrong man. These women have had to pick up the pieces, carry on and raise their children, without the resources and support system, I’m sure you have. And yes, your sons can be just as successful as their gifted mother, Phaedra Parks!

Return Apollo Nida back to the jail where you picked him up at! I personally hope he gets a lot of time! Those sons do not need to be raised by such a person! They will be raised with conflicting messages! You choose looks over everything! You thought because it was white-collar crime, it meant nothing. As a lawyer, you should know, these are some of the most ruthless people out there. You thought because he had white relatives in his family, he was still better than any black man. NO! He stole from people, their paychecks, identities, their dignity, among other things! Do you know how it feels to be a victim of identity theft, it ruins your life! It takes years to rebuild your integrity, and reputation!

Apollo Nida is an ex-con who Phaedra had the nerve to compare to the likes of, Martha Stewart, Charles Dutton, Don King, Michael Vick, and most notably, Malcolm X! Apollo Nida, does not fall into the categories or depths of the contributions, these people made to our society! Yes these people fell down after much success, but they also rehabilitated themselves and bounced back with hard work and integrity. They did not take a short cut! They did the work that was required to regain the trust and forgiveness of the people they hurt, which included many! They all earned it back!

Phaedra as stated earlier, you handed his new start to him on a platter! He took it for granted! Most ex-cons come out if prison with nothing! You gave him a multi-million dollar lifestyle, and a top-rated TV show, to boot! He still engaged in criminal activity immediately, jeopardizing himself, you and your career, Bravo TV, and most of all, his beautiful sons! They will grow up without a Dad! Another statistic! Totally avoidable! His criminal activity started in his teen years, and has continued throughout his life. What contributions have Apollo ever made to society?

Unlike Apollo Nida, luckily, Phaedra Parks does have a good reputation and integrity. She has made and continues to contribute valuable accomplishments to society. She is an active member of the community and church. Phaedra is also a self-proclaimed “Southern belle,” who sits on numerous boards and is involved in multiple charities.

Hopefully, America can be as forgiving of Phaedra, as she was of forgiving to Apollo Nida, the ex-con who is now facing even more serious charges. This guy does not have nothing to contribute to society, not even on the highest rated African American, housewives show. He brings his disgusting habits, insults, bad gestures, nasty attitude, disrespectful behavior, words, and deeds, onto the show! I know you must be embarrassed, and should definitely re-evaluate your decision to marry such a person.

Once again, I pray Phaedra Parks is not involved! I’m not hyped on gossip from unreliable sources, such as Wendy Williams, who is nothing more than a gossiping hater who spends time reading tabloid magazines! She has bare minimum education, if any at all, and is a former crack addict!

I am a believer of education, and Phaedra Parks trumps all housewives when it comes to intelligence and formal education, and continues to expand her knowledge base. Therefore, I have a real respect for her strong work ethic and educational background. An attorney is a well respected field of study, and career, that the average person cannot achieve. Phaedra also continues to maintained a good standing with the Bar Association. This is commendable, considering the risky marriage she is now involved.

There are women that are very successful, and do not need a man’s money! They can afford to trade off great intelligence or success, for good looks. Sometimes, two powerful people are not attractive to each other. Very successful men often marry down and trade intelligence for beauty. Such a decision still requires a conscious smart choice of a partner. Most normal people do not want to deal with the criminal justice system just to be in love. I would think an Attorney as smart as Phaedra Parks would have chosen more wisely.

Therefore, Phaedra, you need to spend time rebuilding relationships, raising your sons, and reviving your career. Please do not do the, “stand by your man” routine!” You need to pray, and get out of the mess you got in, just by marrying Apollo Nida!

So the long and short of it, Phaedra Parks made a huge mistake by marrying Apollo Nida! She needs someone to give her a second chance.

This couple is such an oxymoron!
While one represents “Law”, the other represents “Crime”!



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